Premier Pet Care Plan

The Affordable Way to Keep Pets at Their Best

We want your pet to keep eating, running, playing and living life at their best. Which is why we created Premier Pet Care Plan. It means you can pay monthly for preventative healthcare and spread the cost of keeping them happy and healthy.

The best care and regular health checks
Get professional advice on diet, teeth, ears, eyes, skin and general well-being, which could help with prevention or early diagnosis of any problems.

The best protection and essential vaccinations
Let your pet enjoy life to the fullest by safeguarding them against diseases and serious infections.

The best prevention – annual flea and heartworm treatments
Parasites make your pet miserable and also spread disease. Keep your pet happy with regular treatments.

The best prices – exclusive discounts and affordable monthly payments
Spreading the cost makes it easy for you to take proper care of your pet – plus you’ll pay less on premium products only available from your vet.

Monthly Pricing

0-44 lbs w/o wellness plan $857.29 with wellness plan $672.00

44-88 lbs w/o wellness plan $982.99 with wellness plan $732.00

88-123 lbs w/o wellness plan $1070.71 with wellness plan $780.00