7 Reasons Why Dental Care for Dogs is Important

48,255,413 households in the country have a dog who they consider part of the family. Unfortunately, not every owner brushes up on their canine's dental health as often as their own. You brush your teeth every day, don't you? Brushing twice a day helps you avoid tooth decay, loss, and gum disease. The importance of dental cleanings for dogs is just as severe, too! Here are seven reasons you need to consider dental care for dogs. By brushing up on your [...]

My dog's nose is dry: is it serious?

My Dog’s Nose is Dry: Is it Something Serious and Should I Be Worried?

One of the best things about have a dog is companionship. They're always there to love us when we need it the most—it's like they can read our minds. Sadly, we can't read theirs. At least not the way we want. We can, however, interrupt other things to determine their needs, desires, and health. One of those things is examining their nose. When a dog's nose is dry, it's usually a sign that something in their body is changing or has [...]

Puppy Shots: A Guide to Your Puppy's Vaccinations and Shot Schedule

Puppy Shots: A Guide to Your Puppy’s Vaccinations and Shot Schedule

There’s no better feeling in the world than bringing home a new, itty bitty puppy. Instantly, you know that that puppy is going to rely on you for absolutely everything from breakfast to bathroom breaks. It’s lots of fun to show your new puppy around their new home and introduce them to a world of yummy treats, but being a puppy owner is so much more than that. You’ll need to take full responsibility for the things that aren’t so [...]

Should I Take My Dog To The Vet?

Should I Take My Dog to the Vet? When It’s Time to Go to the Vet?

Americans love their pets like children. Nearly 38.4 percent of American households have dogs. These pet owners spend about an average of $126.19 on their pet friends each month. Besides your pet's annual exam, there are times your dog may be sick or acting strangely. If you are wondering "should I take my dog to the vet," read on to know when it's time. Not Eating This is a judgment call, but if your dog suddenly stops eating, this could be a [...]

What If Your Dog Eats Something Poisonous?

What If Your Dog Eats Something Poisonous

Dogs are funny creatures. Your dog may only eat one specific brand and flavor dog food but will then swallow an odd object he found on the floor. According to WebMD, the over-the-counter and prescription medications are most commonly ingested poisons. Even a small dose of human medication can be life-threatening for a dog. What if your do eats something poisonous? Certain foods are safe for humans but are poisonous to dogs. Sometimes, dogs swallow chemicals and other poisonous agents. If [...]

Pet Vaccines

Understanding Pet Vaccinations

The main thing you can do to protect your pet from disease is to ensure his or her vaccinations are up-to-date. Pet vaccinations are designed to stimulate the immune system and protect your dog from several potentially deadly contagious disease. Many pet owners do not realize that several contagious diseases are airborne, which means your pet could potentially be exposed to a disease anytime they go outside, or the window or the door is opened. Pets can also be exposed [...]

Why do dogs stop eating? Pictured: a puppy and kitten playing on a couch.

Why Do Dogs Stop Eating?

Whether your dog is a puppy or an older dog, it can be distressing when your dog stops eating. There are many reasons why dogs experience a lack of appetite. Determining the cause behind a loss of appetite is the first step toward determining the appropriate treatment. A loss of appetite can indicate an illness, which is why it is critical that you take your dog to the veterinarian anytime you notice a change in your dog’s eating habits. Dogs [...]

Dog Wellness Tips: a woman hugging her dog

Dog Wellness Tips

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Unfortunately, many dogs suffer a number of health issues that could have easily been prevented. Let’s take a look at the top six dog wellness tips to keep your dog healthy and happy. Routine Checkups Routine veterinarian checkups help keep your pet safe. During the first year of your dog’s life, he will need to visit the vet multiple times to receive all necessary vaccines. Annual checkups should be performed for dogs aged 1 [...]

Managing Pet Anxiety - Girl holding pet chihuahua

Managing Pet Anxiety

Pet owners can become concerned if their pet experiences anxiety; however, it is essential to realize that anxiety in dogs is a normal and healthy emotion. The symptoms of anxiety in dogs can vary from dog to dog. If your pet is experiencing disproportionate levels of anxiety, and it is not treated, your dog can develop an anxiety disorder along with behavioral problems. Dogs can experience anxiety for several reasons. The most common causes include: Aging Changes in routine (taking your dog [...]


Points to Remember for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Points to Remember for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments and using it Intra-Articular Applications PRP Purpose: Growth factors are released from within and this promotes angiogenesis, cellular proliferation, and provides an extracellular matrix for cell rebuilding. Indications: OsteoArthritis (OA), Tendonitis, Ligament injuries, burns, open wounds, bone grafts, dental procedures. Administration of PRP May be performed every 2-3 weeks until desired effect (1-3 treatments). Re-administration every 9-12 months depending on the pet. A “Flare” pain response Occurs 24-72 hours post injection. The pain gets worse during this time [...]