Life Cycle: Fleas

Any pet owner who’s had trouble with fleas on their dog or cat knows how quickly an infestation of these pint-sized pests can spiral out of control. But how does it go from one flea to hundreds, even thousands, so quickly? Here’s a breakdown of the flea life cycle from egg to adult: 1. Egg Eggs are deposited on the pet and fall into the environment within a few hours. 2. Larva Larvae are maggot-like and approximately 0.5 cm long. They feed on blood [...]


Your New Pet: Information & Tips for a New Dog or Cat

What to feed your Pet As veterinarians, we are asked what is the best food to feed my pet and how much should I feed? The answer to this question is both easy and complicated.  First we must identify the goal of feeding your pet.  The goal is to feed a complete, balanced, digestible, palatable and safe diet.  This sounds easy to do but if you ever walked down the pet food section, you know that with all the choices available [...]